Coming Soon: High-Level Training Event For Dairy Managers

Persistence is key in a successful dairy business when tied with an understanding of global trends and sound ethics. Top tier executives will build their expertise in all these areas at an upcoming training — 2024 PDPW Managers Academy for Dairy Professionals.

Scheduled for Jan. 9-11 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the three-day, executive-level program is designed for dairy business owners, managers, directors and CEOs. In addition to world-class training, the agenda will feature a day of touring and learning from executives outside of dairy. The “persistence” theme captures the program’s goal of building strong, focused leaders who manage their teams effectively through volatile times.

Registration for the 2024 academy is open now. Get a special discounted hotel rate at The Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center through Dec. 26.

Three management, ethics and economic experts will facilitate the training program.

Jacob Shapiro is a partner and director of geopolitical analysis at Cognitive Investments. He’s also a chief strategist at Perch Perspectives. Shapiro will lead an interactive discussion on the key geopolitical forces that will shape the next five years. He’ll focus on the trade issues, conflicts and worldwide macro developments that will affect dairy producers. Insight will help executives develop a plan for resilience in our changing world.

Jason Karszes is a dairy farm management specialist with the PRO-DAIRY program at Cornell University. He will share best practices from the top 20 percent in the dairy sector. Karszes will have insights on how to manage with precision and make effective decisions based on solid financials. He will focus on the large number of small things that top managers consistently perform to deliver profitability.

Dr. Richard Kyte is an endowed professor of the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University. He will highlight strategies to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity while building an ethically responsible culture at your organization. Kyte will also explore the ethical implications of new technologies including artificial intelligence.

A full day of tours will give a new perspective on how to handle common business challenges:

  • The Tietje Crawfish Farm will provide an up-close look at the crawfish habitat and harvesting process as well as details about the I-10 Crawfish Cooperative and marketing of this Louisiana food staple.
  • The South La Rail Rice Mill is a $6 million rail-loading facility built by the Louisiana Independent Rice Producers with the goal of taking back control of their market. Learn how the rice producers have navigated through a changing industry, consolidation and export challenges.
  • Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Marucci is the leading producer of baseball bats for the Big Leagues, as well as other baseball and fastpitch softball gear and apparel. The tour will deliver an inside look at how a work environment that fosters innovation, teamwork and continuous improvement has built Marucci’s impeccable team culture.
  • Fluker Farms sells feed mixes, nutritional supplements and other supplies for reptiles and operates in both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer model. Learn about the challenges of managing supply chain for product line that includes live feed blends, as well as how the family-owned business is establishing a succession plan for incoming team members and future generations.

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