Celebrate National Farmers Day!

National Farmers Day is an opportunity for all of us to recognize and celebrate the impacts and contributions of Wisconsin farmers. Our state is fortunate to be home to more than 64,000 farms on approximately 14.3 million acres that produce a wide variety of high-quality products. These products include dairy, ginseng, cranberries, and other specialty crops.

Wisconsin is deservedly known as America’s Dairyland, as our state is home to 1.28 million cows and produces over 25% of the cheese produced in the entire United States. The fabric of Wisconsin’s economy is interwoven with everything produced here, and we should applaud farmers for embracing innovation and their continued resilience. Land stewardship also makes their work so important and their focus on water, land, and climate-smart farming practices brings about yet another reason to celebrate producers.

Now more than ever, it is critical that we invest in Wisconsin farmers and I am proud that our state has found ways to do just that. From getting dollars in the hands of farmers with direct farm payments, or connecting people to local foods, or funding mental health programs in the 2021 Biennial Budget he just signed, Governor Tony Evers is committed to supporting our farmers. It is important to lay the groundwork for the future of Wisconsin agriculture, and we have seen Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Legislature agree on some of these important investments.

We can always do more to support our farmers, which is why I urge you to join us in thanking, celebrating, and supporting the farmers who are the cornerstone of our state’s $104.8 billion agriculture industry. You can get involved by learning more about farmers in your community, taking a tour of a local farm, or finding opportunities to buy local.

For more information and resources on Wisconsin’s vibrant agriculture industry, visit DATCP’s website at datcp.wi.gov.