Cattlemen’s Beef Board Provides Inside Look

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board aims to advance research, education, and promotional activities within the beef sector. Since its start in 1985, their beef checkoff has been a dollar per head. However with inflation, they’re not getting that full dollar value. Greg Hanes, CEO of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) says with inflation and rising costs impacting their purchasing power, they’re only getting about 35 vets for every dollar

The reduced funding comes at a time when beef production increases amid a decline in cattle numbers. This is intensifying competition from alternative protein sources like plant-based and cell-cultured meats.

“To counter this competition, the Checkoff Program serves as the industry’s primary tool for advertising and promoting beef,” Hanes emphasized. ”Beef on dairy is also contributing to sustaining a consistent supply and quality of beef. This helping to alleviate the strain caused by diminished cattle numbers.”

With the upcoming farm bill discussions, CBB’s strategic plan centers on enhancing program efficiency and collaborating with stakeholders to optimize their resources.

In the realm of international trade, CBB collaborates with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to bolster beef exports, leveraging a strong story of U.S. production methods and traceability. 

“Despite challenges such as fluctuating exchange rates and reduced supply impacting export numbers, efforts to showcase the story behind U.S. beef production remain pivotal in international markets,” says Hanes.