‘Year Of The Rabbit’ Begins With Ginseng

Our holiday celebrations may be in the rear view mirror, but in China, they’re just getting ready for their big event. The Chinese New Year is on Jan. 22. It’s the No. 1 time that Wisconsin ginseng gets distributed across the country as gifts. At least that was the case prior to COVID shutdowns and tariffs. Wisconsin Ginseng Director Jackie Fett talks about the roots’ importance in China, and what obstacles still remain.

Fett says the Chinese holiday is the biggest time of year for Wisconsin ginseng growers. This is because the world-renowned American ginseng has cultural significance as a gift, especially to the elderly.

Unfortunately, tariffs, COVID restrictions and unrest in China has limited export opportunities. So the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin is at work promoting Wisconsin ginseng to other overseas markets, such as Vietnam, and here locally. If you’re interested in trying Wisconsin-grown ginseng for yourself, visit www.ginsengboard.com.