WPA Offers New Young Leaders’ Program

The Wisconsin Pork Association is excited to announce their new Young Leaders’ Program. This is a new opportunity for youth ages 13-18 as of January 1, 2024, who are interested in agriculture, specifically the swine industry. This one-day event will take place on July 16th, 2024, at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Pioneer Farm.

Young Leaders’ Program

This program is designed for young people who want to better understand Wisconsin’s pork industry and also expand their network of agricultural professionals in the state. Participants will grow their knowledge of pork production, diverse career opportunities, agricultural advocacy, professionalism and more.

Participants will have a full day of experiences that will position them for career and personal success. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with other young swine and agriculture enthusiasts, tour the UW- Platteville Swine Learning Center, partake in culinary activities, network with industry professionals to explore career opportunities, and also become familiar with offerings and experiences that Wisconsin universities and technical schools have to offer, as well as participate in unique recreational experiences.

WPA is dedicated to exposing young people to career and education opportunities to set them up for career success. Keri Retallick, WPA’s Executive Vice President stated, “WPA’s mission is to promote and protect our industry to ensure its success now and in the future. When our youth committee came up with this idea, we were ecstatic. What better way to serve our purpose than by developing talented, passionate young people who will be the industry’s future leaders. We feel that we have organized a robust program and are excited to engage with young people. We’re excited to showcase all that Wisconsin’s agriculture and swine industry has to offer them.”

How to Sign Up

For more information and also to register visit the WPA website, email wppa@wppa.org, or call the WPA office at 608-723-7551. Registration is $10 per person. Registration is due by June 30th, 2024.