Wisconsin Milk Haulers Advocate At The Capitol

Not everyone would drive over 3 hours to spend a beautiful spring day inside the Capitol waiting to offer several minutes worth of testimony to state legislators, yet that was exactly what Jerry Schroeder did on Tuesday. 

Schroeder serves as the Chair of the Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association (WMHA) and also has his own milk hauling business that he operates with his family. WMHA was founded in 1957 and works to support milk haulers in their legislative efforts. Attending hearings to share testimony on issues that will affect haulers ability to transport milk from farms to processors is a significant part of that work. 

The proposed bill that prompted Schroeder’s trip to Madison would provide 150 million dollars in one time funding to towns for rural road repair and maintenance. This funding would help haulers as they frequently drive on many rural roads that have been in a state of disrepair for decades. Poor roads effect their ability to ensure milk safely finds it’s way to the plant.

On what motivated him to make the journey to the Capitol, Schroeder said that, “It’s my whole life. I started when I was 21, my father was in the business, my grandfather owned a cheese factory, and now that I have a little time this is a chance to give back to the industry and what I did my whole life.”   

Other issues of concern to Schroeder included driver shortages and regulations. He shared that they are one of the most highly regulated industries as they work with DATCAP, USDA, FDA, International Fluid Milk Association, and Homeland Security just on the milk aspect of their work.