You may already know that Wisconsin is the number one producer of cultivated Ginseng, but did you know that more than 85% of the ginseng we grow here is exported? Taylor Schaefer, 75th Alice in Dairyland, joins us to share more about the Wisconsin Ginseng Industry. 

Taylor dives into some of the unique growing conditions and land requirements for ginseng to grow. Marathon County has been the heart of ginseng production here in Wisconsin, but the plant’s unique growing requirements means that ginseng farmers are running out of available land and some are having to look beyond the county line. 

Also unique to ginseng, planting and harvest both happen in the fall. Growers harvest their own seeds and store them for a year before planting the following fall. Ginseng takes 3-5 years to reach harvest and is mostly grown in smaller acreages and under canopy to protect the plants.  

Wisconsin ginseng is viewed as top quality in many Asian markets and is often sought out for it’s unique flavor profile. Ginseng looks a lot like ginger and most ginseng is dried and ground into powder. That powder is used in many different recipes, but Taylor’s favorite way to use the powder is mixed into baked goods. She shares recipes for Wisconsin grown ginseng on her website,