Wisconsin Ginseng: A Source of Love and Wellness

In many parts of the world, November 11th might be just another day on the calendar. However, in China, this date holds a unique significance as it’s celebrated as Singles’ Day, somewhat similar to Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for those not in a romantic relationship to celebrate self-love and indulge in some retail therapy. But what’s the connection between this Chinese holiday and Wisconsin, you might wonder? Well, it all comes down to ginseng.

While ginseng also grows in China, Chinese consumers prefer the American variety. This is because of its superior quality, thanks to the strict growing standards in Wisconsin. This quality makes it a sought-after product in China, and its international reputation continues to grow.

The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin will be be bringing love for Wisconsin Ginseng to an international stage as they will be travelling to China to participate in the the Wisconsin Ginseng Love Festival in November.

Bringing Love for Wisconsin Ginseng to an International Stage

“Wisconsin has long been known as the Ginseng Capital of the World,” explains Jackie Fett, executive director of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin. “During the festival we’ll raise awareness, debunk misconceptions, and establish stronger connections with consumers, traders, and importers in Asia.”

Fett says they will begin in Taipei, where a ginseng-themed event will take place during a popular herb festival. Four licensed distributors in Taiwan will promote Wisconsin ginseng products. A tea demonstration also take place to help educate consumers about the benefits it provides. Then they will go to Changsha and Guangzhou, where the festival will take place. In Hong Kong, a media event will be held, complete with recipe demonstrations and tastings.

She adds that an essential part of this trip is the partnership with the Alice in Dairyland program. Ashley Hagenow, 76th Alice in Dairyland, will be the spokesperson for Wisconsin agriculture as she travels with them.

“Wisconsin ginseng is primarily an export product, with around 90 percent of it being shipped overseas, primarily to China,” explains Fett. “Our visit to China aims to rebuild relationships, create new ones, and educate consumers about the value of American ginseng.”

While the focus remains on the Chinese market, Fett says they are also working to expand their reach to countries like Vietnam and India.

Visit the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin website to learn more.

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