Wisconsin Farm Bureau President “Disturbed” Over FISC Decision

On March 2, the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences made an announcement regarding significant changes to its Farm & Industry Short Course.

The following statement can be attributed to Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Krentz.

“The future of Wisconsin agriculture is in the hands of our young people. Having outstanding educational opportunities for students, including access to research, is critical in their success as leaders in their careers, communities and the agricultural industry.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation has always been a strong supporter of agricultural education at all levels. We are disturbed about the dismantling of the current structure of the Farm & Industry Short Course. We are truly disappointed in the missed opportunities to engage stakeholders prior to these changes being made and expect more from a such a prestigious agricultural university.

While we are encouraged that learning opportunities will still be available, we know that many of our members have created lifelong memories and skillsets from this program and now future generations won’t have the same chance. WFBF will continue to support agricultural education and encourage training for farmers and agriculturists wherever possible – the future of agriculture depends on it.

We highly encourage our members to reach out to CALS Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach Doug Reinemann, who will oversee the new program initiatives, to share their feedback as stakeholders to this program.”