Wisconsin Dominates Holstein Herds of Excellence Awards

Holstein Association USA’s 2023 Herds of Excellence recipients have bred and developed herds with superior production and type. This prestigious award, presented on an annual basis, celebrates exemplary Registered Holstein® herds that have met rigorous qualifying criteria with their 2023 records.

“Congratulations to these remarkable Registered Holstein breeders for developing herds with outstanding production and type,” says Holstein Association USA CEO John Meyer. “These six herds are truly all-star performers and examples of what can be accomplished with our beloved Registered Holstein cow!”

The award is broken down into three divisions based on herd size, including the Large Herd Division (500+ cows), Medium Herd Division (100-499 cows), and Small Herd Division (10-99 cows).

This year’s honorees are:

Large Herd Size Division (500+ Cows)

Siemers Holstein Farms Inc. — The Siemers Family, Newton, Wisconsin
80.0% homebred; AACS — 84.7 points
ME Production Averages — 34,042M 1,543F 1,057P — Eight Year Honoree

Medium Herd Size Division (100-499 Cows)

Koester Dairy Inc. — The Koester Family, Dakota, Illinois
99.8% homebred; AACS — 85.2 points
ME Production Averages — 34,013M 1,519F 1,086M — Eight Year Honoree

Small Herd Size Division (10-99 Cows)

Kal-side Holsteins — The Oberholtzer Family, Hillsboro, Wisconsin
94.0% homebred; AACS — 85.8 points
ME Production Averages — 35,636M 1,477F 1,131 P — First Year Honoree

Doorco Holsteins—The Vandertie Family, Brussels, Wisconsin
100% homebred; AACS — 89.3 points
ME Production Averages — 37,252M 1,503F 1,160 P — Seven Year Honoree

Ever-Green-View Holsteins, LLC — The Kestell Family, Waldo, Wisconsin
98.9% homebred; AACS — 87.6 points
ME Production Averages — 37,653M 1,609F 1,170P — Fourteen Year Honoree

Lazy M Farm, LLC — Herman and Michael Maier Families, Stitzer, Wisconsin
78.3% homebred; AACS — 88.1 points
ME Production Averages — 35,515M 1,514F 1,119P — First Year Honoree