Wisconsin Corn Yields Expected To Fall

Wisconsin corn production is forecast at 512 million bushels, according to the latest USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The latest Crop Production Report Shows that as of September 1, yields are expected to average 165.0 bushels per acre. This is down 15.0 bushels from last year. USDA estimates 4.00 million acres are planted and 3.10 million of the acres planted will be harvested for grain.

Meanwhile, soybean production is forecast at 95.2 million bushels, down 18 percent from the previous year. Yields are expected to average 46.0 bushels per acre, 4.0 bushels lower than the August forecast and 8.0 bushels lower than 2022. USDA estimates 2.10 million acres are planted with 2.07 million acres expected to be harvested.

The forecasts in this report are based on September 1 conditions and do not reflect weather effects since that time. The next crop production forecasts, based on conditions as of October 1, will be released on October 12.