Wisconsin Can Make Your Cheesy Dream Come True

Cheese lovers be prepared — the Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest is on now.

Wisconsin Cheese truly believes that great cheese makes the world a happier, tastier place.

Over the years, Wisconsin Cheese has made lots of cheese dreams come true. They’ve pulled off some of the most elaborate cheese parties to setting the Guinness World Record for Largest Cheese Board. Whether its towers of cheese for weddings or crafting a cheese ferris wheel, Wisconsin knows how to dream big. Now, they’re searching for anyone looking for their cheese dreams to become reality.

“We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by the deeply rooted cheese culture in Wisconsin – artisan cheesemaking established before Wisconsin became a state, the only Master Cheesemaker program (Ph.D. in cheese) outside of Switzerland, chefs honoring artisanal cheeses in featured dishes, and it doesn’t stop there,” says Suzanne Fanning, CMO at Wisconsin Cheese. “Wisconsin dreams in cheese and if you are as obsessed with cheese as we are, we want to hear from you.”

Wisconsin is putting out two questions to all turophiles. Enter the contest by uploading a 15-45 second video post to Instagram feed or reels highlighting your cheese dream. Tag @wisconsincheese using #wisconsincheesedream. OR you could go to www.wisconsincheese.com/dreams and upload a 15-45 second video and written description of your dream. Video entries should paint a picture of answers to one or both of the questions.

What is a Wisconsin Cheese experience you have always wanted to have but never thought would be possible?

Interested in receiving a personal wheel of award-winning parmesan to prepare the ultimate pasta dinner? What about spending a night in a cheese cave?

How can Wisconsin Cheese plus up your happiest moment of 2024?

How about a cheese wedding cake or a beautiful cheese display for your special day? Imagine an entire cheese grazing table for your next party, no matter the size! How about a year’s supply of Wisconsin Cheese? What about a reunion with a seven-course cheese dinner prepared by a James Beard-nominated chef?

The Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest is going on now through Feb. 14. Grand prizes go out on or around National Cheese Day on June 4.

In addition to bringing the two grand prize winners’ cheese fantasies to life, Wisconsin Cheese will deliver a dreamy Wisconsin Cheese box to 100 randomly selected entrants. If you dream in cheese like Wisconsin does, share your most profound cheese fantasies and let Wisconsin, The State of Cheese, help make them come true!

Head to http://www.wisconsincheese.com/dreams to learn more.