Wisconsin Author Highlights Life on the Farm

In a heartwarming testament to the joys of farm life and family bonds, author Chase Pagel of Kewaunee announces the release of her debut book, “Rosco’s Sweet Treats.” The story is inspired by her own experiences growing up on a family farm.

The narrative of “Rosco’s Sweet Treats” revolves around Kylie’s adventures on their family farm. Particularly her special bond with Rosco, who really enjoys strawberry Pop-Tarts. Pagel aims to showcase the diversity of farm life, emphasizing that not all farms fit the stereotypical image portrayed in children’s books.

Pagel says, “Not all farms look the same. It’s not just that red barn you normally see. I wanted to make sure that the pictures in the book really look like what we farmers have.”

Pagel aims to offer readers a glimpse into the joys and challenges of family farm life. She expressed her hope that readers would enjoy the fun family story and also gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of family farms.

As part of the book’s promotion, Pagel will be hosting a book signing event at Tractor Supply in Kewaunee, on Saturday, April 6th from 11 am to 1 pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the Pagel and further immersing themselves in the world of “Rosco’s Sweet Treats.”

She says early feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many touched by the heartwarming narrative. 

Looking ahead, Pagel is already working on her next book. “Big Farms, Little Farms,” is set to be released on October 2nd. This upcoming book will explore various types of farms in the Kewaunee and the Door County area. It will further showcase the diversity of agriculture and family farms.

You can find more information by visiting Dairy Diaries LLC on Facebook. The book is also available on amazon.