WI State Fair Pushes Pause On Poultry

All poultry shows and exhibits have been suspended in Wisconsin until May 31, 2022 by the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

The Wisconsin State Fair announced that the status of the Junior Poultry animal shows has not yet been determined. The status of other poultry related events though, will go on.

Junior Poultry education contests – Communications, Quiz, and Showmanship (with fake/plush birds) – will be held even if the Junior Poultry show cannot take place. Entries for these contests will be opened at a later date.

The Wisconsin State Fair said it will continue to monitor the Avian Influenza information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/Programs_Services/HPAIWisconsin.aspx?utm_source=Wisconsin+State+Fair+Exhibitors&utm_campaign=fc19accf59-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_04_26_11_32&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_eaf6025a90-fc19accf59-51872561&mc_cid=fc19accf59&mc_eid=UNIQID) .

They ask all potential poultry exhibitors to check their email and the Exhibitor Facebook Page closely to keep up with the latest information!