WI Expects Above Average Bean Yields

Wisconsin corn production is forecast at 506 million bushels according to the latest USDA National Agricultural
Statistics Service crop production report.

Based on conditions as of Nov. 1, corn yields are expected to average 172 bushels per acre, which is unchanged from the Oct. 1 forecast, but down 1 bushel per acre from last year. Corn planted acreage is estimated at nearly 4 million acres, with roughly 3 million acres to be harvested for grain.

Meanwhile, the national corn production for grain is forecast at 15.1 billion bushels, which is up just under 1 percent from the previous forecast and up 7 percent from last year. Yields are expected to average 177 bushels per
harvested acre, up a half a bushel from the previous forecast and up roughly 6 bushels from last year.

Soybean production is forecast at 112 million bushels. The yield is forecast at 54 bushels per acre. That’s unchanged
from the October forecast but up 2 bushels per acre from 2020. Soybean planted acreage is estimated at 2.1 million acres with 2.07 million acres to be harvested.

And national soybean production for beans is forecast at about 4.5 billion bushels, down 1 percent from the last forecast but up 5 percent from last year. Yields are expected to average more than 51 bushels per harvested acre. That’s less than a bushel up or down from the last forecast and last year.

Potato production in Wisconsin is forecast at more than 31 million hundredweight, up 8 percent from 2020. Yield is forecast at 445 hundredweight per acre, with an expected 70,000 acres to be harvested.

The next corn and soybean production estimates will be published in the crop production annual summary Jan. 12.