Who’s Your Hero?

To celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Month, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is recognizing farmers through its Heroes of Hope campaign.

Heroes of Hope is focused on shedding light on rural heroes who have helped others through a tough time — i.e., helping harvest crops, providing positivity in their day-to-day careers, uplifting other farmers to get through a tough season, etc.

Heroes of Hope aims to identify people who have helped bring hope to farmers or businesses, either in large or small ways. Members of the agriculture community are encouraged to nominate individuals who have made an impact on the way they conduct business, both ordinarily and extraordinarily.

“Heroes of Hope celebrates innovative, instant-impact ways our rural farmers and neighbors have received extra support in times of need,” says WFBF’s Chief Administrative Officer Kim Pokorny. “As a part of WFBF’s Farm Neighbors Care Campaign, Heroes of Hope recognizes individuals who have improved mental health within their communities.”

Heroes of Hope will recognize five farmers who have helped a neighbor with generous prize packages donated from local sponsors. These heroes also will have their stories told through Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Rural Route magazine. Nominations will be open May 1-20 and winners will be announced May 27.

“Our lives can be a roller coaster of thoughts, feelings and actions,” Pokorny adds. “It’s easy to help someone celebrate the highs and good times but being available when that same person is facing the lows is even more important.”

Heroes of Hope is a part of the Farm Neighbors Care campaign, which was created in the spring of 2019. Farm Neighbors Care was created by WFBF, with help from other agricultural organizations, to shed light on mental health in the farming community. The campaign asks rural residents to have face-to-face conversations with farmers and agri-business owners. For some, this conversation and check-in may be the dose of positivity needed to make it through a tough day.

Nominate your hero: wfbf.com/farm-neighbors-care-campaign/heroes-of-hope