What Comes After Hanging Up The Jacket?

What comes next for FFA members once they’ve hung up their Blue and Gold corduroy jacket? For anyone who was deeply impacted by the organization, there is opportunity to give back and stay connected through the FFA Alumni and Supporters organization.

The FFA Alumni and Supporters is over 700,000 members strong nationwide. With nearly a million FFA members, there are more members that transition into the Alumni and Supporters. Allie Ellis, Director of the Alumni and Supporters for the National FFA organization, says the increase is due in large part to restructuring membership.

With the restructure, “every graduating FFA student member would receive a free 5 year Alumni Associate membership,” said Ellis. “Those young Alumni now have the chance to be involved both at the collegiate Alumni and Supporter level or if they want to get involved back at their home chapter.”

The Alumni and Supporters has also changed what it costs to be involved in the organization. Now chapters pay a flat annual fee of $100 to the National Alumni and Supporters. Chapters may have to pay an additional fee to their state association. This allows chapters to have as many members as they want on their roster.

“We’re removing that financial individual barrier for people so that they can focus on donating their time, talent, and resources,” shared Ellis. “If they want to give money as well they can, but we’re taking that barrier away from people.”

Ellis has a message for anyone unsure about joining the Alumni. “Anyone should join FFA Alumni and Supporters because it is supporting the National FFA Organization. They are creating the future leaders for our country who are going to feed, clothe, and fuel the world.”