WFU Supports Farm Bill Extension

The following is a statement written by Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) President Darin Von Ruden regarding the one-year extension of the 2018 Farm Bill recently passed by Congress.

“Wisconsin Farmers Union appreciates the strong bipartisan support for extending the 2018
Farm Bill. It is now crucial for Congress to leverage this momentum and enact a new, five-year
farm bill. To ensure informed decision-making in the upcoming growing season, Wisconsin’s
family farmers require clarity on the status of farm programs. While a short-term extension
meets this immediate need, our ongoing efforts are focused on modernizing the farm bill to
acknowledge the challenges our farmers face. This includes addressing issues such as ongoing
concentration in the ag sector, dairy oversupply, the continued loss of small and mid-sized
farms, and the urgent concerns of climate change and soil health. WFU is committed to
advocating for a comprehensive five-year farm bill that not only provides substantial support for
family farmers and our communities but also adapts to the evolving landscape of agriculture.”