WFU Plans to Launch Dairy Supply Chain Video Soon

Wisconsin Farmers Union invites you to the premiere of our latest short video, “Supply Management and How It Can Save Our Rural Economy” at noon CST on October 28.

After decades of poor dairy prices, rampant overproduction, and farm loss, many rural communities are in disrepair. Join WFU for the video launch and learn about how supply management can create a stable, resilient farm economy. The video premiere will be followed by a discussion with a farmer panel.

“There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about supply management, but this event will offer an opportunity to see the big picture,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden, a dairy farmer from Westby, Wis. “Many of the myths around supply management are just a smokescreen for the fact that big agri-business corporations with well-funded lobbyists want to be able to buy cheap surplus commodities from farmers and sell them at a steep markup to consumers. The environment, taxpayers, farmers, workers, and rural communities are bearing the cost of this broken system.”  

Wisconsin Farmers Union and allies have launched the Dairy Together campaign, which aims to build prosperity in dairy markets and ensure that farmers, processors, and consumers all get their fair share. Learn more about this effort and how you can get involved at  

To receive the link to attend, please register for the video premiere at