WFBF Sustainability Tours A Success

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation has just wrapped up its “Leaders of the Land: A State Sustainability Series” at Gaynor Cranberry Company in Wisconsin Rapids with a cranberry harvest and bog tour.

The series of nine tours took place across the state in each of the WFBF districts, highlighting diverse commodities and sustainability practices with farmers and agriculturists.

“Farm Bureau is a unique organization because we bring together many different farm types, sizes and commodities,” says WFBF President Kevin Krentz. “This new series is meant to bring farmers and agriculturalists together to talk about what sustainability means on different farms and businesses. Everyone has a sustainability story to share, and we have more in common across the state when it comes to stewardship practices than you might think.”

The purpose of the statewide sustainability series was to offer farmers and agriculturists different perspectives regarding environmental stewardship across Wisconsin. The tours brought farmers of all types together to explore how diverse sectors of agriculture achieve similar goals regarding water quality, soil health, waste management, carbon conversations and air quality.

Each event featured a unique learning opportunity, applicable across farms and allow networking across sectors of agriculture and areas of the state.

Upon reflecting on the tours, Krentz notes that he found environmentally sustainability went hand in hand with economic and social sustainability. He says it will be important to showcase what WFBF members learned on the tours with consumers. He adds he sees another series like this on the calendar for next year.

Throughout August and September, the farm tours included Heartland Farms in Hancock, From the Earth Farm and Education Garden in Bowler, High Gem Holsteins & Normandes in Neosho, Wiese Brothers Farm in Greenleaf, Cowsmo Inc. in Cochrane, Lake Family Farms in Boyceville, Roth Feeder Pigs in Wauzeka and Gaynor Cranberry Company in Wisconsin Rapids.