Watch The Weather For You & Wisconsin

If you already keep your eye on the rain gauge, it might be worth it to start submitting your weather report to the National Weather Service.

Sarah Marquardt is a service hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Milwaukee. She observes and forecasts rain with the goal of keeping people safe from hazardous weather. She and the NWS are calling on Wisconsinites to sign up to be weather observers.

Rainfall reporters help the National Weather Service create more accurate weather reports for your area. All you have to do is visit to sign up, attend a quick online training and get an official CoCoRaHs rain gauge. Then, you’re ready to report the weather from your own backyard — it only takes two minutes a day.

She says it’s a great activity to get kids involved whether you are a parent or a teacher. It also gives people a better understanding of Wisconsin weather that can benefit key industries in Wisconsin from agriculture to recreation to infrastructure.

In spirit of March Madness, Wisconsin is also competing with its neighbor for bringing in the most weather observers. Minnesota continues to be No. 1 for its rainfall reporter numbers and Wisconsin follows close behind.

But most importantly, it helps the National Weather Service get “ground truth,” Marquardt explains. It helps forecast not just the weather more accurately, but correctly anticipate drought or floods.

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