Waiting – Just Waiting For Dry And Sunny

Anxiety levels are building for ALL farmers in the state of Wisconsin regardless of crop or size. With winter continuing to influence day-to-day chores, we’re starting to lag behind compared to last year’s outstanding start to the growing season.

The Wisconsin Ag Statistical Service (WASS) says as of Sunday, there was less than 2 days suitable for fieldwork statewide. For those that could work – they made the most of them.

WASS says reporters told them that 4% of spring tillage work was completed as of Sunday, more than 2 weeks behind last year and 10 days behind the 5-year average.

Four percent of oats were planted, 13 days behind last year and 10 days off the average.
Just one percent of potatoes were in the ground – again, well off the pace of last year and the 5-year average.

There was no corn reported in the ground.

The upside of this weather is a slight improvement in both pasture and winter wheat conditions. WASS rated the winter wheat at 61% good to excellent, up 3% points in a week. The pasture conditions were called 38% good to excellent, up 1%.

With the continued moisture statewide, both subsoil and topsoil moisture conditions improved.