Vet School Welcomes Class Of 2026

Well the class of 2026 has officially begun their educational experience at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. If they’re finding a spot – they should consider themselves very fortunate according to Dean Mark Markel, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

In a conversation with Pam Jahnke, Markel explains that they received 1,900 applications for just 96 available slots for the class of 2026. Currently the school is undergoing a major renovation and expansion to try and address not only student demand, but also changing technology in the veterinary medical field.

Of the 96 applicants that were accepted for the class of 2026, Markel says 62 were from Wisconsin, with the other 34 from outside the state. He notes that today, the average doctor of veterinary medicine will graduate with about $185,000 in debt. In Wisconsin, that numbers just a little lower at about $130,000 in school debt.

Markel said that veterinarians in general are being paid well for their profession. He points to dairy veterinarians and small animal veterinarians at about the same pay scale. Elevated compared to what veterinarians in the equine industry are being paid, for example. Markel estimated that horse veterinarians are making about 20-25% less than dairy/small animal practitioners.