UW-Madison Plans Ag Day

Members of the Collegiate Farm Bureau will be giving University of Wisconsin-Madison students an opportunity to meet the farmers and agriculturalists that help produce the nation’s food at Ag Day on Campus, held on Thursday, April 28 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Library Mall.

“We are excited bring back Ag Day on Campus to help our fellow students, especially those not involved in agriculture, learn about how important this industry is. Not having the opportunity to advocate for the industry the past few years has been difficult, so we are more ready than ever to make an impact on our campus community,” said Billy Zeimet, University of Wisconsin

-Madison. “We are so excited to share our wealth of knowledge with our peers and bring a little bit of the farm to Library Mall.”

Collegiate Farm Bureau will be handing out food samples using Wisconsin Ag products supported by our other partners.

“Our members, are excited to talk to anyone and everyone about the nutritious and safe food grown right here in Wisconsin” said Zeimet. “We grew up on farms and with backgrounds in agriculture and are excited to emphasize sustainability in this year’s theme. Sustainability is something that farmers excel at, and we are ready to share that message with our campus community.” Co-chair Emma Vos shares the same sentiment. “I’m beyond excited to help with Ag Day’s return to campus and help educate our peers about agriculture,” said Vos. “It’s more important now than ever to be that positive voice for agriculture through all of the noise.”

The Collegiate Farm Bureau is a University of Wisconsin – Madison student organization acting as a voice of agriculture – striving to educate the local college community about agriculture, the food sciences and agribusiness. The Collegiate Farm Bureau is affiliated with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.