Unique Goat Show At State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is full of unique and fun opportunities for people to take part in. Alongside the regular livestock shows, the state fair plans to host the “All For One Goat Show” again this year. This show allows youth with disabilities to be mentored by youth exhibitors at the fair, where they can learn more about showing and raising goats.

The show first started in 2017, originally as a pig show. A few years in, they decided to include goats as well, and will actually be showing only goats this year in 2021. The youth are paired with two exhibitors that show them the in’s and out’s on what it takes to show a goat. It is a great learning opportunity open to both farm and non-farm youth. They have room for 20 people to participate in the show and are hoping to have a good turnout as usual. “Of course, we want to reach as many youth as we can to allow them to have this great experience,” says Shari Black, Chief Programs Officer for Wisconsin State Fair.

The “All For One Goat Show” will take place on Saturday, August 7th. It is open to any youth with a disability between the ages of 8-17. If you know of anybody interested in participating be sure to sign up soon, as entries are due July 23rd. The entry fee is $10 per participant, which includes three state fair admission tickets and other goodies. For more information on how to enter visit this link on the Wisconsin State Fair website.