Two Young Farmers Rethink Family Dairy

In 2011, if you would have told brothers, Matt and Sam Redeztke, that they’d be hosting the state’s largest outdoor agriculture event – they might have questioned your sanity. Jump to 2026, and that pipe dream will become a reality. No Joke Dairy has an interesting story to share.

Matt and Sam are the fifth generation to operate the family dairy in Stratford, but it didn’t look as promising for a sixth generation back in 2011. The farm stretches back to 1911 when the original barn was built by Otto and Ottelia Redetzke.  In 2011, however, Matt and Sam’s parents, Doug and Darla, sold their cows. It could’ve been the end. Sam thought is was. “The day of my dad’s auction,” he says, “I told him it was the happiest day of my life because I wasn’t going to milk another cow.” That feeling of elation didn’t last. Sam found work helping area farmers with other projects, and Matt was working off farm welding stainless steel at various projects across the state. Still, by 2013 Matt knew he wanted to be back engaged in production agriculture, and it didn’t take long to convince Sam he was part of the plan too.

Matt says the initial plan was to milk just 80 cows to keep the families comfortable, but as they worked the numbers – they realized they’d need more. Thanks in part to a former 4-H leader of Matt’s, they found financing. Thanks to industry connections from his welding job – they found a home for the milk they’d produce. Now, as the pair get ready (along with their family and neighbors) to host Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2026, they’re milking 200 cows and managing around 660 crop acres. That’s No Joke.

We’ll be checking back on these two young farmers, Matt-35 and Sam-27, and their families at No Joke Dairy. You can follow them on Facebook, as well as follow show progress at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days website.