Two Dairy Orgs Also Vote Michels

Wisconsin Dairy Alliance and Venture Dairy Cooperative are endorsing gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels after joining him on a farm tour at Vir-Clar Farm in Fond du Lac.

WDA President Cindy Leitner says Michels is the farmer’s choice for Wisconsin governor because he understands that Wisconsin farmers work hard to ensure consumers worldwide get nutritious and safe dairy products.

“We need a new Governor who understands the importance of getting government out of the way of innovation by streamlining regulation and cutting unnecessary red tape,” Leitner says. “Tony Evers tried to implement billions of dollars in new regulations on farmers and thanks in part to his policies, in the last several years there have been no new farms created from green space.”

She adds: “Michels understands the monumental impact dairy has on the state’s economy and will work hard to reverse course on the anti-farming agenda of Tony Evers.”

VDC Executive Director Kim Bremmer voiced similar sentiments.

“Farmers don’t have time to constantly play defense at our state agencies,” Bremmer says. “We know Tim Michels as Governor understands our business, values farmers, and will rein in the out-of-control state agencies. Our farmer members are honored to support a real leader whom they can count on and not hinder them while with unnecessary bureaucracy as they feed the world.”.

Candidate Michels will face incumbent Evers in the Nov. 8 election.