Trotter Promoted To New CEO Role

In a move to enhance their focus on strategic priorities, the Dairy Business Association (DBA) and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative announced today the promotion of Tim Trotter to a new position of chief executive officer.

Trotter had been executive director of the sister organizations since 2015. The groups advocate for members on governmental policy — DBA at the state level in Wisconsin and Edge at the federal level — and provide other services. DBA’s members are in Wisconsin, and Edge’s members are located throughout the Upper Midwest.

DBA President Amy Penterman said the change will build upon a smart and flexible strategy Trotter has helped the board of directors develop and has guided for the growing organizations.

“This is a critical time for the dairy community. Important issues, from milk pricing to the supply chain to environmental regulations, have perhaps never been more complex and urgent,” Penterman said. “This exciting change will ensure DBA’s leadership is best aligned to focus on current needs and prioritize strategic planning to help our members navigate the ever-changing dairy environment. DBA must remain nimble and prepared to capitalize on opportunities.”

Edge President Brody Stapel said Trotter is a strategic-minded leader who sees the big picture and turns that vision into action for the benefit of the cooperative’s members.

“Tim’s vision and commitment will enhance our focus on the future as he guides critical strategies, programs and partnerships that will benefit farmers and processors over the long term,” Stapel said. “Edge must continuously look for opportunities to become more effective, just like our members do every day in their businesses. The status quo is not sustainable for dairy.”

Among various leadership positions Trotter has held throughout his career was national president of the Association for Strategic Planning.

“I have been blessed to serve our DBA and Edge members over the past seven years as their executive director. Our organizations have seen tremendous growth and are recognized as leaders in the dairy community,” Trotter said. “We have unique opportunities to increase member value, drive solutions to dairy’s challenges and strengthen our position for the future. I’m eager to work with our members, boards and staff to ensure positive results.”

As part of the change, the executive director position is being reshaped into a managing director role in charge of the day-to-day business operations. A search is underway for candidates for that position.