“Tree-mendous” Amount Of Work Year Round

Cold weather, snow, and Christmas trees. Not necessarily something we may want to be thinking about right now as we’re just beginning the fall season. However for some, they’re thinking about this all year round.

Chris Kirsch, owner of Enchanted Valley Acres in Cross Plains, says he and his team plan and maintain the farm’s operations through every season. They have specific activities tailored to the needs of the trees at different times of the year.

“The care for young trees begins before they even arrive at the farm,” explains Kirsch. “It starts at the nursery, ensuring they are kept in optimal conditions until they are planted. Timing is crucial, as early planting in moist soil can significantly impact the growth and health of the trees.”

The floods of 2018-2019 posed a significant challenge to Enchanted Valley Acres. During this period, they experienced heavy rainfall and extensive flooding, causing considerable damage to their Christmas tree crop. Kirsch noted that, in retrospect, he would prefer a drought year over a flood, as much of their land is situated in low-lying areas that are particularly vulnerable.

In response to the challenges posed by droughts and floods, the farm has adapted by planting more trees to offset losses from extreme weather conditions. They’re planning to increase their tree planting efforts by around 8,000 trees in the upcoming spring.

“We specialize in several tree varieties, with Fraser Fir being our most popular product. They’re about sixty percent of our sales,” says Kirsch. “We also grow Balsam Canadian, White Pine, and Spruce.”

Kirsch has noticed a shift towards larger trees, with more customers seeking trees that are nine feet or taller. He says this reflects the increasing ceiling heights in new home constructions.

During the busy Christmas season, Enchanted Valley Acres transforms into a winter wonderland. They offer rides to the “North Pole” for their you-cut customers, complete with Santa visits on weekends, donuts, hot cocoa, cider, and various festive activities.

For those planning to visit the farm, Kirsch suggests knowing the size of the tree you want and avoiding overly large trees that might not fit your home. He also emphasizes that, despite the rush on Black Friday, they have a substantial inventory and encourage visitors throughout the Christmas season.

Visit Enchanted Valley Acres website to learn more.

Enchanted Valley Acres Owner - Chris Kirsch
Enchanted Valley Acres Owner Chris Kirsch