Tough To Plant With Snow Flurries

Some Wisconsin farmers might have been a little disappointed at the lack of progress with spring planting chores, but Mother Nature dictates! Still, USDA reports that there were a handful of states that had double digit advances in corn planting. Illinois had 23% of their corn in the ground; Iowa was 20% complete and even Minnesota had 18% of their corn planted. Still, cool weather dominated the report.

In Wisconsin, temperatures were below normal for the week with lows in the 20s three to four days in a row. Reporters in many areas noted potential frost damage to hay and winter wheat. Light snow fell in much of the state but did not stick.

Topsoil moisture condition rated 3% very short, 18% short, 71% adequate and 8% surplus. Subsoil moisture condition rated 2% very short, 15% short, 74% adequate and 9% surplus.

Corn is reported 6% planted, 3 days behind last year but 1 day ahead of the 5-year average.

Oats are reported 45% planted, 4 days ahead of last year and 10 days ahead of the average. Eighteen percent of oats are emerged, 7 days ahead of last year and 10 days ahead of the average.

Potatoes are 37% planted, 3 days ahead of last year and 7 days ahead of the average.

Winter wheat condition was rated 85% good to excellent statewide, up 1 percentage point from last week.

Spring tillage was reported as 48% complete, 5 days ahead of last year and 12 days ahead of the average.

Pasture condition was rated 62% good to excellent, unchanged from last week.