Tire Supply Chain Better Than Last Year

Farmers across the region are experiencing notable improvements in the supply of agricultural tires, with the situation markedly better than previous years. 

“Overall, the supply chain has increased significantly. It is much better than what it was before,” stated Kevin Beyer, Commercial Farm Advisor at Schierl Tire and Service. “There are still a few particular tires that might face deficits or production halts for a month or two, but considering where we were, it’s a vast improvement.”

He says there has been a shortage of heavy-duty implement high flotation tires. However they’re awaiting a batch expected to be produced in mid-June.

The cost of tires has seen a significant increase since the COVID-19 pandemic as well. “Tire prices are now 30-40% higher than they used to be, driven by inflation, labor costs, and the price of rubber,” explains Beyer. 

Farmers are encouraged to maintain their equipment meticulously to extend the life of their tires. “Check your air pressures and ensure your equipment is ready before hitting the fields,” advised Beyer. “Avoid driving on low tires to prevent further damage. If a problem arises, stop and fix it immediately rather than risking more severe damage.”