Time To Clean The Stock Trailer

Editor’s note: The Gemplers Test Plot series is created in partnership with Gemplers Farm & Home Supply Co.

Whether you’re finishing up show season for your livestock or you’ve just finished hauling animals to the sale barn, it’s time to get your stock trailers cleaned out before the weather gets cold. It’s important to keep trailers clean to prevent rust or corrosion on the trailer, and to keep it clean and sanitized for the next group of animals you may need to haul.

Farm assistant, Aaron Zimmerman takes on the job of scraping out bedding and manure, along with pressure washing the trailer to get it completely clean. Cleaning out and pressure washing can definitely be a wet and dirty job to do. Rain gear and chore boots from Gempler’s, however, can help to keep yourself clean and dry in the process. You’re able to get the job done efficiently and effectively, and then move on to other tasks around the farm.

The gear he uses from Gempler’s includes: Sugar River Chore Boots, Gempler’s Rain Jacket and Gempler’s Rain Pants.

To see the full video of Aaron’s pressure washing task, click on the link below: