Tiffany Unveils FARM Act

U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany of District 7 has announced plans to introduce the Future Agriculture Retention and Management Act — ‘FARM’ for short.

The bill would eliminate energy tax incentives that help finance the siting of solar panel and wind arrays on agricultural lands, often permanently taking these lands out of farm production.

Tiffany says thanks to controversial renewable energy carve-outs embedded in the federal tax code, taxpayers are forced to underwrite generous “green energy” giveaways, allowing power companies to effectively tap the public treasury to subsidize solar and wind projects. 

He says these taxpayer-financed handouts encourage the conversion of farmland to so-called “green energy” projects — undermining rural communities and posing a long-term threat to food security. 

Tiffany states: “Taxpayers should not be in the business of transforming prime agricultural land into unreliable wind and solar farms. The FARM Act will get taxpayers out of the business of financing farm-threatening, ‘green energy’ boondoggles.”