This Week On The Dairy Signal

This week’s episodes of The Dairy Signal® from Professional Dairy Producers® (PDP) will take a deep dive into some of the most timely topics for your dairy’s environmental and financial sustainability. Tuesday’s episode will focus on how a carbon footprint is calculated and the practices that impact a dairy’s score. Tune in on Wednesday for the latest in water quality research; Thursday’s episode will review what dairy producers should know before signing a renewable-energy contract.

Tuesday, May 28

Customers up the food chain are relying on farmers to help cut the carbon footprint in half. But, before you can develop a plan or measure progress, you need to know your number and the data that contribute to it. They’ll delve into practices that may have the most influence on reducing this number. Episode presenter will be:

  • Carson Dugger, agronomist, Eocene Environmental Group

Wednesday, May 29

Water-quality impairment from agriculture is often disproportionate in nature, meaning a small acreage may be responsible for an outsized environmental impact. Learn about research that connects hydrologic modeling with social science and policy analysis to better understand and address such events in Wisconsin’s driftless area. Episode presenters will be:

  • Dr. Margaret Kalcic, PhD, associate professor, biological systems engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Andrew Hillman, graduate student, biological systems engineering, UW-Madison

Thursday, May 30

Tune in for a discussion on the opportunities and watchouts as you consider renewable-energy contracts such as solar or wind projects. Understand what to look for in a contract, who you should consult before signing and more. Episode presenter will be:

  • Troy Schneider, shareholder and attorney, Menn Law Firm