There’s An App For That

Steffes Auction Group has just launched a free price guide app. With three years of pricing history, users can compare brands, models and pricing with their smart phones.

According to Steffes Group, increased demand and cost for the price guide, paired with rapid growth of technology, led the company to go digital with its price guides. It lists the date sold, the location of the item, the final selling price, as well as a full description of each lot. Users can sort by date sold, selling price and equipment year.

Steffes Auction has been using the app internally for a few years, says Ashley Huhn, site leader. In an interview with Farm Director Pam Jahnke, he says the app was developed by a farmer:

“My hope is that you find it as valuable as we have in tracking used equipment prices,” he adds. The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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