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2023 Wisconsin Honey Queen Selected

The Wisconsin Honey Producers Association is proud to announce that Kaelyn Sumner of Cecil,Wisconsin was selected as the 2023 Wisconsin Honey Queen at their annual convention held inBrookfield, WI.……

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What’s Next? Nash Is Ready

When you first meet Bob Nash, you’re struck by his size and “ready for fun” look in his eye. Take time to visit with the young farm leader from Ozaukee County, and you’ll find out just how serious…

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Fieldwork Falls Behind

Snow may have impeded the last of the corn harvest this month, but above normal temps this past week melted the white. While that snow melt left some fields muddy and difficult to access, fall…

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Celebrate Dairy’s Greatest At CheeseCon

Come together with friends and colleagues in dairy processing to salute industry pioneers, recognize excellent craftsmanship, and celebrate a bright future at CheeseCon, April 4-6, 2023 in Madison.…

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Speak Up At FarmFirst’s Policy Session

FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative encourages members to sign up for its first-ever Virtual Policy Session set for Tuesday, Dec. 13. Members eager to learn more about policy initiatives and discuss…

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Balancing Input Costs

Fertilizer is a big investment that’s too important to risk. Soil tests help to determine what nutrients you need. Having a good balance between agronomics and the rising cost of fertilizer is key…

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Four Wisconsin Holstein Owners Receive Honors

From April to November, Holstein Association USA members work hard parading their Registered Holsteins® around the showring. Holstein Association USA is pleased to recognize outstanding breeders and…

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Southwest Tech Gets Educational Grant

The Agriculture and Rural Initiative, Compeer Financial’s donor advised fund, has granted $600,000 to community and technical colleges across the cooperative’s 144-county territory, including…

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