Test Water At Farm Tech Days

The DNR announced that Wisconsin Farm Technology Days attendees can have their well water screened for nitrate Tuesday through Thursday.

Nitrate is the most common health-related contaminant found in Wisconsin’s groundwater. The DNR will offer free on-the-spot screening. Results will be available in only a few minutes. If you would like to have your water screened, bring one cup of your well water in any clean container to Booth 587.

“Nearly one in every 10 private wells in Wisconsin may contain high levels of nitrate,” said Marty Nessman, DNR private water supply section chief. “Areas of the state with a greater intensity of agriculture or septic systems generally have more issues with nitrate in well water at concentrations of concern. Areas with sandy soils or fractured bedrock near the surface can make areas more prone to groundwater contamination as well.”

Infants or pregnant women should not consume water with nitrate-nitrogen levels greater than 10 mg/L. DNR staff will be on hand to answer questions, and may recommend additional testing if elevated nitrate levels are detected.