Sweet Corn Is Ready

Sweet corn is now ready for many producers and demand from last year proved there needed to be more crop harvested.

Kevin Oppermann of Stoneman’s Famous Sweet Corn in Fitchburg says, “We increased our production by about 50% based on the demand from last year.” Last weekend, was their opening weekend. This year, Oppermann says, “We’re expecting the same demand (this year) if not more.”

If you’re looking for an easier way to cook corn on the cob for a large family gathering try cooler corn! Opperman says, “You put in the cob once you husk them, put them right into a cooler, then poor on a couple pots of hot water, close the cooler, and then about 45 minutes later you’ll have dozens ready for your family picnic or family reunion.”

“In spring, starting about April 15, we plant 28 different plantings every 3 to 4 days so they ripen every 1 to 2 days this time of the year” Opperman says and if the weather impacted the crop, it would only impact a certain planting. They also do this Opperman says, “So that everything is ripened at the correct sugar levels and everything that people enjoy and then we don’t have corn that gets too old or too ripe and loose it’s flavor.”

Stoneman’s Famous Sweet Corn is a family business and will sell sweet corn from now until Labor Day. Check out their Facebook for more information!