Strengthening and Transforming Our Food System

One of the greatest challenges facing many farmers is funding. Securing financial support is life changing. That is why government agencies, like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is investing more money into supporting local farmers.

The USDA provided 3 million dollars to support Wisconsin’s Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) Program and is giving another 5 million to support expanding this program. The program was created to strengthen local food systems, support farmers, and distribute fresh nutritious foods to underserved communities.

USDA Under Secretary Jenny Lester Moffitt came to Squashington Farm in Mount Horeb for a roundtable with local producers to hear how the funds are helping their businesses. What stood out to Lester Moffitt on this visit was the resiliency of small farmers in Wisconsin. It was clear to her that small farmers were actively fighting for fair prices for the products they grow. Producers in attendance were focused on providing healthy food that is wanted by a diverse consumer group.

Opportunities like this deeply impact Lester Moffitt. They serve as a reminder to the value of the work USDA is doing. “It’s so powerful to hear their vision…and that with this investment that USDA has made, how it’s really been able to take their vision and turn it into reality,” said Lester Moffitt. “Farming can transform a life. I mean, that is what America is all about. That is how we build a stronger America together.”