Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries… Oh My!

These are just a few of the delicious products you will find if you visit White Pine Berry Farm in River Falls, Wisconsin. Greg Zwald began the operation in 2012 with just a few acres of fruit, and has continually expanded with the help of his family and son, Andrew.

They market their fruit and vegetable products primarily through a you-pick format. And, they are definitely a hot spot in the area for many visitors in the summer. They focus on enhancing customer experience by hiring an enthusiastic team of helpers each year, and have expanded with a new facility on farm for their customers. “Farmer Greg’s General Store” hosts customers for many on farm events, as well as featuring products from their harvest and other local producers. Even through the pandemic, they saw increased demand for their products. With a few increased safety measures, business was booming through last summer and they hope the sales continue.

This spring has been a little tough weather-wise, with a very dry spring. Late frosts also caused some damage to some early strawberry varieties but they assure their customers – the strawberry crop should be still on track and ready to go for picking season.

Andrew says they “love that there are people who are interested in learning more about local agriculture, and supporting farms like us all around the state.” If you’re in the River Falls area, be sure to stop out to White Pine Berry Farm this summer. And if you’re not in their area, they encourage you to check out the Wisconsin Berry Growers website to find a local berry farm near you!