Staying Healthy During Busy Times

Although summer is a busy time, it’s important to fuel yourself as you would with your equipment.

Chris Frakes, Program Director of Farm Well Wisconsin, says, “We partner with farmers, farm workers and families, and community members who are interested in improving the health and well-being of the agricultural community.” Frakes hears many farmers go-to meals are, “snickers and a 6 pack of mountain dew.” That’s concerning and there are alternatives to make time for healthy habits.

Frakes says farmers, “Think a lot about the nutrition of their livestock and how to maintain the optimal functioning of their equipment. They would always put quality fuel into their equipment.” It’s important to watch out for your own health and fuel it with protein, vegetables, and fruits.

“When we get busy, we’re used to overlooking what our body is asking for” Frakes says. When she’s hungry, she knows it’s time to eat protein. Eating protein Frakes says it, “Will help stabilize my blood sugar, which helps stabilize my mood and it make me think better.” Not only is eating important, drinking enough fluids is critical too. “Drinking 1 cup of a non-caffeinated/non-alcoholic cool beverage every 15 minutes is important even if you don’t feel thirsty” is important Frakes says.

Stress is also common in the agricultural community. Frakes says, “Connection is the #1 stress reliver out there” and other coping strategies include setting clear goals and priorities to help not be overwhelmed. Sleep is also critical and Frakes suggests “Something that helps your body signal a transition from the work day into a rest period is important.”

Check out more resources on the Farm Well Wisconsin website of how to install healthy habits even when you are busy!