State Tackles Broadband & Energy Transition In 2022

This year, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is focused on two key areas: broadband expansion and transitioning to clean energy, according to Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq. She adds affordability is a key factor as PSC moves ahead on their goals.

In an editorial published earlier this year, Cameron Valcq explains with the pandemic’s impact on daily life, and the increased reliance of schools and businesses on the interest, PSC is pushing for reliable high-speed internet for all communities. PSC is currently accepting grant applications for the $129 million Broadband Expansion Grant Program until March 17, with awards going out this summer.

In addition to eliminating the digital divide, PSC is taking steps this year to address the transition in the energy industry. Wisconsin’s energy sources are shifting from fossil fuels to zero carbon sources. Right now, Wisconsin relies on fossil fuels for 60 percent of its energy needs, Cameron Valcq tells the Mid-West Farm Report.

PSC has approved the construction or acquisition of 18 utility-scale solar power generating plants, which will add over 2,100 megawatts of zero-carbon generation to the state’s electrical grid.  Already in 2022, PSC has six solar projects under review that total an additional 614 megawatts of clean generation. 

Cameron Valcq encourages residents to visit PSC’s website to stay informed of its progress: