Starting New Traditions With Gemplers

2021 is the year to start new traditions for Mid-West Farm Report’s Stephanie Hoff. She and her partner Conway are cutting down their own Christmas tree — for the first time — to celebrate in their new home. And Gemplers is here to help.

In the latest episode of the Gemplers Test Plot series, Gemplers is outfitting the couple with the right tools and Carhartt gear to successfully start this new family tradition!

The couple doesn’t have to look further than their own backyard for a Christmas tree. Stephanie and Conway would like to replace the evergreens along their fence line with apple trees this spring. And Stephanie wants to know if she needs to add anything to her soil before planting those apple trees. So, Gemplers supplied a USA Made, AMS soil probe. The steel probe is used to collect a soil sample to be tested at your local lab. The comfort-grip handle screws off for easy storage.

Now it’s time to cut down the tree! Stephanie and Conway put on their safety glasses, and their Carhartt coats and gloves. Gemplers has all of your Carhartt needs this season — for work, play and gift giving.

Stephanie is using a 24″ bow saw to cut down the tree. As always with new saws, it’s very sharp. It comes with a guard for safe storage. Conway holds the tree up and slightly away from Stephanie as she cuts to prevent binding. They’ve also laid a piece of cardboard down on the ground to prevent getting wet.

The sawing was quicker than expected thanks to the new saw. They’ll set the tree on saw horses to measure and trim the tree. They trim the tree from the base using loppers and the bow saw. They cut the top of the tree for the star using a folding, 6″ pruning saw.

Finally, they put the base on before they get inside — it’s easier that way. Time to double- and triple-check for tree critters and then take it into the house.

And voilà! They did it! Stephanie and Conway spent a lot of time trying to get the tree to stand straight in their house, but were told by more experienced ‘real-tree’ folks that it was all a part of the experience. Now, whose turn is it to water the tree?

Watch the video and see the links to the tools: