Spuds Hit The Road

Doug Foemmel of the Wisconsin Potatoes and Vegetable Growers Association tells us all about the Spudmobile, a 38-foot, self-contained, classroom on wheels. 

The mobile home is not for living in. The inside features interactive, touch screens that showcase Wisconsin’s potato industry. America’s Dairyland ranks No. 3 in the nation for potato production. Schools, farmers’ markets and any event can go online to request the Spudmobile’s presence.

But with schools having been closed or under pandemic-related restrictions, the Spudmobile has served as only a “giant billboard” for more than a year, Foemmel says. While some schools have scheduled the motor home’s appearance for the fall, Foemmel says it still depends on what the pandemic looks like.

Foemmel also shares the potato crop is looking good this year despite some dry weather and some hail. Hail can knock off the foliage of the potato plant, which can destroy the crop.