Spuds Get Technical To Help The Environment

Technological advancements are changing the way farming practices happen, and how producers receive and use information on the farm.

Jeremie Pavelski, the president of Heartland Farms and co-founder of Heartland Ag Tech, says new technology can be used to monitor carbon, rain water, irrigation and nutrient leaching for potato growers. 

He says water quality and water quantity are at the forefront of conversations moving into 2022. Crop rotations, buffer zones and good management practices have shown that water moving through the farm has lower nutrient loads where it exits than where it enters.

Although a technology background is not required to implement technological advancements on the farm, Pavelski says there is still room for policy and incentives to make it easier for producers to implement new practices especially during an expected year of high input costs and a tight labor force.