Sorah Receives Ranelius Scholarship

The Minnesota Turkey Growers Association (MTGA) and the Minnesota Turkey Research and Promotion Council (MTRPC) announced the recipients of the 2024 Ranelius Scholarships. This included University of Wisconsin River Falls student, Brooke Sorah. These scholarships, named after Sven Ranelius, a founding member of both MTGA and MTRPC, aim to recognize and support youth in the Midwest who are pursuing a future career in the poultry industry. The goal is to encourgae more young individuals to explore turkey as a career path.

Brooke Sorah, is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Brooke, the daughter of Barb Dahn and John Sorah, is majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis on poultry science. She is currently attending the Midwest Poultry Consortium’s Center of Excellence program. She is also an active member of the UWRF Poultry Judging team, Falcon Shooting sports, and serves as a Girl Scouts leader.

As to increasing turkey demand and promoting the products, Brooke’s advice is to meet consumers where their concerns are. By using social media outlets, the industry could increase education to consumers, focusing on health benefits and environmental sustainability of the industry.

Brooke is currently interning with Hy-Line North America.

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