Snowmobilers: Time To Complete Required Safety Certificate Course

Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and continues to offer some of the best snowmobiling opportunities you are likely to find, especially in northern Wisconsin.

More than 200,000 registered snowmobiles hit Wisconsin’s 25,000 miles of groomed trails each winter, which means safety is an important part of the ride.

Fall is the ideal time to take the first step of preparing for the upcoming snowmobile season by completing the safety course. The safety course seeks to ensure snowmobilers of all ages are safe while they are having fun on the trails. The  course is required for operators born on or after Jan. 1, 1985 and who are 12 years of age or older. 

Snowmobile safety is critical. In 2019, 16 fatal snowmobiling accidents occurred, with the top contributing factors being speed and operator error.

The safety course costs $10 and includes six hours of classroom instruction with two optional hours of hands-on instruction or a simulated ride. For those age 16 and older, the course may be completed online.

To register for a classroom course or an online version, visit