Sharing Their Story Through Entertainment

“YouTube videos and speaking engagements are additional commodities on our farm just like corn and soybeans” says Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers who performed at the 92nd Wisconsin FFA State Convention.

Greg and Nathan Peterson, YouTube sensation of parodies about farming and agriculture and known as the Peterson Farm Brothers, were a keynote speaker and entertained Wisconsin FFA Members this week.

With many of their speaking engagements cancelled last year due to the pandemic Greg Peterson says, “The kids are really enjoying it and getting excited about it and that helps us get excited as well.” They still farmed through the pandemic as Kansas farmers. “We just wrapped up wheat harvest back in Kansas on our farm.” says Nathan Peterson.

They are no stranger to America’s Dairyland since they were in Wisconsin a bit over a year ago. The Peterson Brothers wanted to feature dairy farmers having a parody changing “We Will Rock You” to “We Milk Cows.” You can watch the We Milk Cows parody here.

“We think it’s an awesome lifestyle to be part of” Nathan says with being involved on the family farm and attending speaking engagements. Sometimes, Greg Peterson says, “We get comments on our YouTube channel, ‘You guys work too hard’ and then we get comments, ‘How do you have time to make videos and travel on top of farming?’ and it takes a lot of balancing.”

The Peterson Farm Brothers were a huge hit with thousands of FFA members in attendance at the 92nd Wisconsin FFA Convention!