Select FFA Alumni to Participate in Leadership Conference

Four Wisconsinites along with a select group of 50 FFA alumni from across the country will convene in Des Moines, Iowa, July 21-25 to discuss future issues and opportunities in the field of production agriculture. The annual New Century Farmer Conference convenes FFA alumni ages 18-24 who have demonstrated leadership in their studies and work experience, earning them a sought-after spot at the conference. 

Those attending from Wisconsin are Mary Schrieber, Devani Hinkelmann, Henry Koerner, and Sara Snortheim.

Since the FFA reserves programming primarily for middle and high school students, the New Century Farmer Conference gives former FFA members pursuing careers in agriculture an inside look at the business operations of farming. The students’ current farming and work experience ranges from managing 650 heads of cattle, 4,800 pigs, or 5,500 hogs to raising a small brood of hens to sell organic eggs to family and friends on the livestock side, and managing anywhere from 0 to more than 4,000 acres of crops on the plant side. 

“The New Century Farmer Conference provides a pathway for FFA alumni to advance their leadership, personal and career skills,” said Allie Ellis, Associate Director of the National FFA Alumni & Supporters. “The conference is a dedicated time for attendees to explore diverse farm operations with industry experts and peers. It’s a great way for them to learn what it takes to launch and maintain a successful career in agriculture.”