Schreiber Foods Earns Workplace of the Year Award

Schreiber Foods Inc. was recognized with the first annual IDFA Workplace of the Year Award. The award, co-sponsored by IDFA and Dairy Processing magazine, is given each year to an outstanding IDFA member company that has created policies to promote a positive workplace experience for employees. Award recipients demonstrate efforts to support women as well as minorities. They create cultures of inclusiveness and respect, support professional development, establish paid parental leave and also flexible work hours. They also have gender pay equality, among other criteria.

“IDFA is proud to partner with Dairy Processing magazine to award the first annual Workplace of the Year award to Schreiber Foods of Green Bay, Wisconsin,” said Michael Dykes, D.V.M., president and CEO of IDFA. “The Workplace of the Year Award recognizes IDFA member companies committed to putting people at the center of their businesses. It is truly gratifying to have so many worthy applicants for the first annual award. This demonstrates how companies across U.S. dairy are focused on building better workplaces for all people. But there is none more deserving than Schreiber Foods.”

The panel of judges for the award determined that Schreiber Foods set a high bar for their programs and policies focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, among others. They make diversity goals part of the company’s goals for managers and executives. This helps to mainstream DEI priorities throughout the culture of the business. The creation of a chief diversity officer position within Schreiber Foods was seen as an example of effective administration of company goals related to diversity. The company is also a leader in supporting the health and wellness of families and future families of their employees. They offer expansive health coverage, fertility coverage, adoption assistance, and coverage for gender-related dysphoria and other gender-related health needs. The company’s commitment to other key benchmarks, including flexible work policies and compensation, were viewed as industry leading.

“Schreiber Foods is honored to be recognized,” said Dave Coble, senior vice president of human resources with Schreiber Foods. “IDFA continues to support the dairy industry with the challenges faced by its members. None is more important right now than establishing dairy as a sought-after career. This award reinforces the importance of establishing a desirable workplace as the war on talent rages. We at Schreiber Foods appreciate this award, but we know the work in this area never ends.”

A call for nominations for the 2025 Workplace of the Year Award will be released this summer. More information about the award can be found here.